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Envotherm A/S breaks through on the German rental market for E•MVR evaporation plants. With a good strategy and solid research, Envotherm A/S in Haderslev have managed to break through to the German rental market, with delivery of the first E•MVR Evaporation plant under our new Rental concept. For a Danish SME business with focus on Sales, it has been a challenge to get all details in place for offering rental agreements to the German market. We have just finalized installing our first rental plant, an Envotherm ET200, at Lehnkering GmbH in Wolfenbüttel near Braunschweig. The E•MVR plant will be cleaning wastewater from production of fine, special, and agricultural chemical goods. Since our rental concept for E•MVR evaporation plants for cleaning of industrial wastewater is new, it is with great pleasure that we have installed our first rental plant in the German market. As a reference, this is an important step for our planned expansion on the German market in regards to rental/lease and sales.

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Helicopter Wing Karup (Airbase Karup) case story available

Helicopter Wing Karup (Karup Airbase) COST EFFECTIVE AND ENVIRONMETALLY CORRECT HANDLING OF WASTEWATER CONTAINING HEAVY METALS Customer The Danish Airforce helicopter group Helicopter Wings Karup, with homebase at the Karup Airfield. Helicopter Wing Karup was challenged with their wastewater from washing the helicopters. The content heavy metals exceed the limits for the direct disposal into the sewage in the region. Therefor the wastewater was send for destruction. Market Segment Industriel wastewater – Washing water Challenge Helicopter Wing Karup had expenses exceeding 1 mill kr per year for disposal of their wastewater Solution Envotherm ET 350 concentrated the heavy metals and separated the water to the extent that Helicopter Wing Karup only needs to dispose of 1% compared to the previous 100%. Helicopter Wing Karup’s investment in an Envotherm system was paid back in less than 2 years